WritersConnX: From Wattpad to the Big Screen

Date & Time : 5 Nov 2021,  5 - 6PM ET


In a burgeoning landscape of endless streaming services and media platforms, the need for content seems larger than ever. And with built-in audiences, TV/Film adaptations have emerged as a more than viable option to fill that content gap. But how does that process work? What does it mean for your story to have a “shopping agreement?”

Hear from our panelists as they demystify that process and share their own experiences towards adaptation. 

How do writers grow their audiences and amass their following from Wattpad to the big screen?

Singapore Writers Festival:
The Anatomy of a Wattpad Story

Date & Time : 14 Nov 2021,  12 - 1PM SGT


Wattpad: a platform that has been hailed by some as a treasure trove of literary masterpieces, and by others as the death of literature as we know it. But, what makes a Wattpad story? And why are millions of readers driven to indulge in these bite-sized pieces of escapism? United by a common expertise in Wattpad stories, this conversation unpacks the bustling phenomenon that is Wattpad fiction.

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