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Review: The Three Body Problem - Cixin Liu

Was intrigued by the hype surrounding Cixin Liu's science fiction works after catching "The Wandering Earth" on Netflix, so I decided to give his most well-known series a shot.

What’s it about?

A potential alien invasion, beginning with a bizarre computer game where the player has to try to ensure the survival of the civilisation in a world that contains three suns. The world in the game mirrors that of the aliens en route to Earth, in search of greener pastures. Humans go into panic mode.

What’s interesting?

Challenging our assumptions about the laws of Physics. The stability and continued survival of our civilisations is dependent upon the predictability of our surroundings, and events are predictable because of the assumption that certain laws of nature are true. Even seemingly abrupt events (e.g. natural disasters) can be explained on hindsight, by applying the laws that we know of. If we lived in a world where such laws do not exist (like in the world with three suns, where the interactions between the three suns create unpredictable extreme weather patterns), then would it be possible for any living species to find a way to adapt to these conditions and for a civilisation to thrive?

Also, the idea of being able to dehydrate and rehydrate yourself at whim, as a means of going into hibernation under extreme weather conditions.

What’s not?

A little underwhelmed by it turning out to be about an alien invasion because that seems very 1990s. Since it’s only the first book, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that the rest of the series manages to put a fresh twist on the alien invasion concept.

Teacup Rating (because books are better with tea)

3.5 / 5

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